2019 Association Dues Notices Sent

Please be aware that the 2019 Association Dues Notices are in the process of being generated. Those individuals that have signed up to receive them via email need to look in their email for them. Those individuals without an email address will receive their Association Dues Notice through the US Postal Service. You have 3 payment options listed below. If you choose to go with options 2 or 3 below, DO NOT mail the check to our previous CPA. We have a new CPA with a different address.

Your 3 payment options are:

  1. If you wish to pay via the email; click on the review and pay link. Fill out the information requested and submit. It will ask for the routing number of your financial institution and your account number. You will receive an email confirmation/receipt.
  2. Set up a bill pay through your personal bank or credit union. The mailing address of our CPA can be found below and on the Manor Lands Website under contact information. Some bill pay systems request a phone number associated with the account. The phone number is: 801 554 1517. Be sure to include your lot number with the payment.
  3. Mail a check to the CPA at the address listed below. Be sure to include your lot number on your check.
    Manor Lands Property Owners Association
    C/O Mason CPA
    3672 W South Jordan Pkwy Suite 101
    South Jordan, UT 84009

If you are unable to locate your Association Dues Notice email after checking your in box, spam and junk folders, please email president@manorlands.org and treasurer@manorlands.org and we will assist you.

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