Manor Lands FAQ

Q. What is the Zip Code For Manor Lands?

A. It depends. Manor Lands if physically located in Summit County, Utah so the physical/situs address is assigned by the county and the zip code to use is the same as Kamas 84036, however mail cannot be delivered to that physical address. Mail for Manor Lands residents is delivered from Evanston Wyoming, so if you are attempting to send or receive mail to a Manor Lands address the zip code is the same as Evanston — 82930

Q. How much are the dues and when must they be paid in order to avoid a late fee and interest charges?

A. The dues notices are mailed (now emailed) in January and are currently $200.00 per year. You must pay before March 15th of each year to avoid the $50.00 late penalty and interest begins to accumulate at that point.

Q. How do I pay the annual dues?

A. Your 3 payment options are:

  1. You should received an email directly from the CPA via Quickbooks. If you wish to pay via the email; click on the review and pay link. Fill out the information requested and submit. It will ask for the routing number of your financial institution and your account number. You will receive an email confirmation/receipt.
  2. Set up a bill pay through your personal bank or credit union. The mailing address of our CPA can be found in 3 below. Some bill pay systems request a phone number associated with the account. The phone number is: 801 554 1517. Be sure to include your lot number with the payment.
  3. Mail a check to the CPA at the address listed below. Be sure to include your lot number on your check. 
    Manor Lands Property Owners Association
    C/O Mason CPA
    3672 W South Jordan Pkwy Suite 101
    South Jordan, UT 84009

Q. How do I update my contact information for Manor Lands?

A. Please call or email any board member or the webmaster with your updated information and we will see that the CPA and the database are updated. Signing up for email notifications on the website, does not automatically update your email address for billing purposes, so it is important to notify someone on the board or the webmaster.

Q. What is the Grandfather Clause?

A.  During the 1992 MLPOA Annual Meeting a proposal was made to assess a fee for each lot as a means to create additional funding in order to meet the increasing costs of road maintenance, security, repairs to equipment, etc.  During this meeting it was voted on and passed by a majority of those members present that the owners of multiple lots within the Association as of April 24, 1992 would be grandfathered and assessed just one annual dues fee.  The minutes indicate these individual owners would be grandfathered until such time that any “deed of record change”, “sale of lot”, or “transfer of title” has been made to any of the lots. 

Clarification as to the intent of the clause was reviewed in 2005 by the Board of Directors and a legal advisor for the Manor Lands Property Owners Association (MLPOA).  They determined that the only documented reference to the “Grandfather Clause” is in the minutes of the 1992 Annual Meeting.  There is no reference to this clause in the Restrictive Covenants or the MLPOA Bylaws. 

At that time a review was performed on those grandfathered multiple lot owners who subsequently transferred their lots into a Trust.  Although this may constitute a “deed of record change” or a “transfer of title”, it has been further clarified by those Board Members present at the April 24, 1992 annual meeting that the “intent” of the Grandfather Clause was to enter into an agreement with the owners of multiple lots as of that date, with the understanding that as long as they remain the owners of that property, that they will continue to be recognized under the intent of the Grandfather Clause.  For those owners who have since transferred their property into a Trust, in which they continue to be a living beneficiary within the Trust, they will continue to be grandfathered under the MLPOA Grandfather Clause upon condition that they complete and sign an agreement of understanding.  It is recommended those owners who qualify and meet this condition, communicate this understanding to their family and subsequent beneficiaries identified in their Trusts.

Completing and submitting the agreement of understanding will serve two purposes. 

First is to ensure that the owner(s) and their beneficiaries completely understand that once the ownership of the property passes through to the subsequent beneficiaries via the trust document, or the individual grandfathered owner(s) become deceased, the Grandfather Clause will no longer apply to their property within the MLPOA.  At such time each lot will be assessed separate annual association dues. 

The second purpose is to provide the Association’s Board of Directors a copy that will be maintained in the permanent records of the Association.  This should eliminate any further questions by future Board members or property owners.