Manor Lands – Concern about Road Maintenance

The Board is getting some pushback from a couple of owners that disagree with our right in maintaining the roads within Manor Lands where it resides adjacent or in some cases within their property. To help everyone understand how we are approaching it, I would encourage everyone to read our regulations, which are found on our website.

It states under Rules and Regulations K. ROAD REGULATION Rule 1 GENERAL: The managed roads within Manor Lands belong to the paid members of Manor Lands and do not belong to any individual or group. All roads, except Wilderness Road, have a platted right-of-way of at least 30 feet and are maintained, where possible, to a width of 20 feet with a five foot utility easement on each side of the road. Wilderness Road has a right of-way of at least 50 feet and shall be maintained, where possible, to a width of 30 feet with a ten foot utility easement on each side of the road.

Under our Restrictive Covenants, it states XII. EASEMENTS All present easements for roads and utilities are hereby grandfathered. All future changes or new shall be as follows; All subdivision plats provide for a thirty (30) foot right-of-way for roads. Roads shall be twenty (20) feet with five (5) feet of easement on either side for utility placement. Easement across owners property for any utility must be by recorded written document in Summit County.

Please keep in mind that we are attempting to improve our roads where we see runoff erodes the road, blind corners exist, the width of the road needs to be improved to allow individuals to pass each other, etc. Additionally, it’s been observed that some fences have been placed adjacent to the road on the easement. We will be coordinating with owners where this is the case to have the fence moved off the easement.  Thank you – please direct any questions to the Board of Directors

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Manor Lands – Road Work Upcoming

Road Improvements

During the next few weeks there will be some road work performed in Manorlands. Building roads that can accommodate passing vehicles, facilitate plowing in the winter and provide for proper drainage takes multiple days.  The following roads are slated to be worked on: Pine Ridge, Forest, Crest Hill and Aspen.   Most roads in Manorlands are 30 feet with 5 foot easements on each side. The roads have been in place for many years and it is possible they could encroach on your property.  Please determine if you have any fences that are located within the easement and move them.  You can help by throwing off smaller rocks that are left in the road. If you have questions or concerns, please call or email the director over roads ( or our caretaker Darin ( Thank you. 

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Manor Lands – July/August Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the Manor Lands Board have been added to the website.  They can be found at


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Manor Lands – June Board Minutes

Please find the minutes posted for the June Board meeting at

Board Meeting Minutes and Notices

Please send any questions you may have to a member of the board.


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Manor Lands – How to Communicate with Board

As your Manor Lands Board of Directors, we want to express how deeply dedicated we are to addressing all your questions and concerns regarding our shared community. We aim to address everything that is officially brought to our attention and want to make the communication path easy and clear.  Many are unaware of the different channels you can use to voice questions and concerns and the timeframe for the board to review them.

It is important, especially during these times, that communication avenues between the members and The Board be easy, varied, and trackable. In order to ensure your comments, concerns, and/or complaints get addressed, please submit them using one of the following methods:

  • Email-
  • Voicemail- You may leave a voice message on the Manor Lands voicemail (435) 642-6263
  • Comment Box- We will be installing a comment box at the bulletin board in front of the care-      takers cabin.

The Board of Directors meets the third Tuesday of each month.  We will review all comments, questions and concerns received during our meeting.  Of course, you are still welcome to contact a board member directly, but please understand the only way to guarantee your concerns will be addressed by the entire board is by submitting them via the above stated channels.  The outcome of the discussion will be recorded in the meeting minutes and posted on the Manor Lands website.

Thank you all in advance for helping us to keep our communications clear and efficient so we can continue to better serve and support the Manor Land Community.


Manor Lands Board of Directors

How to Communicate with Board

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Manor Lands – Summit County Regulation Update

Private Campgrounds and Trailer Restrictions 

Most of you are aware of the regulations the Summit County Council proposed in the public hearing held on May 26, 2021 regarding private campgrounds and trailer restrictions. 

This communication is to inform you of the actions the board of directors have, and will take on your behalf. It is our responsibility to represent all community members and not take sides on an issue. Our primary concern at this time is that we want our association to govern ourselves rather than the county imposing regulations. 

When we first became aware of the public hearing, we learned that there was very little being done to advertise the hearing to all property owners. We granted permission to put signs on the gates giving specifics on the public hearing regarding date, time, and how to access the hearing. 

We then requested a telephonic meeting with Ray Milliner, county planner, and the officers of the board of directors to determine what information the county had and why they were pursuing regulations. This meeting took place on Friday, May, 21,2021. 

Several board members and property owners attended the public hearing on May 26th, and it was determined misinformation was being shared with the Summit County Council. As a result, the board sent a letter to the council and the county planner to request a meeting prior to the August 4th public hearing to clarify the misinformation. In addition, we attached a draft proposal that was put together by the co-chairs of the Multiple Trailers on a Single Lot committee and the officers of the board. The purpose of attaching the draft proposal is to demonstrate to the council that we are working on regulations within our association. 

Since it is our responsibility to represent all property owners in our association, we have not and do not plan to retain an attorney in this matter. 

Shar Code, President

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Manor Lands – 2021 Work Party

Don’t Forget! Save The Date! You’re Invited!

What: Manor Lands Work Party

When: June 26, 2021  9:00 AM

Where: Meet at Care Taker’s Cabin

Hello Owners,

It is that time again. Time to put a little elbow grease into maintaining our little slice of mountain paradise.  Please meet at the caretaker’s cabin and 9:00 AM to receive a project assignment.

Many hands make light work, they say. We can use all the hands we can get. Please plan to attend.

There will be a potluck lunch at the Caretaker’s cabin afterward, at 1:00 PM. Manor Lands will provide the meat, buns, and beverages. Bring a side dish or dessert if you can. If you cannot, just bring yourself. Everyone is welcome.

This is a great opportunity to help your community and meet you neighbors and board members. We hope to see you all there!

Proposed Projects:

Cut Firewood for Caretaker’s Cabin                                       Fence Work Around South Side

Replace Rotted Wood Signposts with Metal Posts                Face Lift to Bulletin Boards

Thistle Spraying Along Roads                                                 Removing Rocks from Roads

Special Event: (June 26, 2021 @11:30am)

Fire Truck Training  & Grab and Go Fire Trailer Tutorial

To be held the caretakers cabin at 11:30. With the EXTREME fire danger this year, we encourage everyone be educated and prepared to protect our properties and community

 What To Bring (if you can):

Work Gloves; Chainsaws; Splitter; Large Sprayers

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Manor Lands – 4th of July Parade

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Manor Lands – Fire Ban

Dear Manor Land Property Owners,
Yesterday, the Utah Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands enacted a statewide stage 1 fire restriction (order# UTCLO2105) for all State Lands and all private lands outside of city orders.  The order is effective starting this morning at midnight, June 10, 2021.
Currently, The Board of Manor Lands has enacted a fire ban even in approved fire pits until further notice from the Board of Directors.
Thank you
Kelly Imlay, Fire Safety ManorLands Board



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Manor Lands – Black Gate Closure

Black Gate Closure

For many years we have enjoyed the privilege of using a private road to access the North Slope Road from the black gate. The owners recently posted on Facebook a very kind reminder that it is indeed a privilege. They installed a gate and posted a speed limit sign but still allowed us access. After reports of ongoing issues with speeding and fishtailing, despite the reminder, the board has decided to chain the black gate. All other gates remain unchained and you can continue to use your gate key in them. 

Thank you
Shar Code, President
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