Manor Lands Caretaker Needed

It is with great sadness that the MLPOA Board of Directors have been informed by Jim Crow (our current Caretaker) of his intent to tender his resignation effective 31 October 2018.  We are now in the process of identifying and hiring a replacement.

If you know of someone who might be interested in this position, please have them contact the Board of Directors and we will provide them with a copy of the position description, which includes the duties and responsibilities, as well as the salary range.  This position does include housing in the caretaker cabin which has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a garage, as well as utilities and appliances to include washer and dryer.

Manor Lands Board of Directors


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Campfires 8/12/2018

Last night 8/11/18 we had micro burst winds and dry lightning which blew a live pine tree down  that hit the high voltage power lines and started the tree on fire.

The membership responded in a large way, the Mini pumper and brush truck were taken to the site. The fire was extinguished quickly and the surrounding area was inspected for hot spots while we waited for Bridger Valley Elec..

Thank you all who responded!

It has been decided to ban campfires until conditions improve. Thank You in advance for your cooperation.

Curretly we have 3 brush trucks which have a capacity of 750 gallons of water. Response time from from Evanston is about 1 hour.

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What’s Happening Articles (New Informational Items from Manor Lands)

The Board of Directors of Manor Lands Property Owners Association has received requests for information and updates about what is happening within our Association.  In an effort to meet this request and provide more timely information we have created a new link on our Website and called it “What’s Happening”.  We will post these as articles with information we have available as we can and what we feel would be of interest to you.  We have posted our first Article, so please click on the link provided and you will be directed to the Manor Lands Website and the Article.

If you prefer to find it manually, go to our Website and you will find it under All-A-Board(The Home Page).

We hope you will find this beneficial,

Manor Lands Board of Directors

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Manor Lands Security Report

The locks on all gates have been changed and we would ask that you DO NOT try to use your old keys!!
The old keys are ruining the locks especially when trying to force it to work in the new lock.
This damages the tumblers requiring replacements.
Also PLEASE do not spray anything into the locks. Sprays or lubricants of any type, gums up the locks and makes
Them need to be replaced/repaired. We have had several locks need to be replaced already because of
people trying to force the locks or using graphite sprays to “loosen” them up. PLEASE just don’t do it!

Cost of New Locks and Keys was $18,000.00.
Let’s use our heads and not add MORE costs to the keys, locks and gates.

We have also had reports of thefts and damages to owner’s property. If it is not your property STAY OUT!!
We are trying to improve our security and make it a fun safe place for all.

As always: if you are expecting guests, please ask them to wait at the gate and plan to meet them there at a specific time.
We have had some guests try to rush the gate when owners are opening. This is not only rude, but extremely dangerous. I have seen an owner almost run over by a rude guest.

The 15 mile an hour speed limit is always a problem – Please slow down, it is for your safety, protects our roads, and keeps the dust down, also the 15 Mph speed limit applies to cars and trucks as well as 4 wheelers and side by sides!

Most importantly enjoy your time and be courteous to your neighbors – just like at home only with much more beauty.



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Bear sightings

There have been numerous bear sightings in Manor Lands and surrounding ares this year.

Please thake care of your food and garbage so you  don’t attract the bears.

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Manor Lands Roads Maintenance List 2018

Here’s the link MLPOA Road Maintenance List

MLPOA Road Maintenance List 2018

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Fire Truck Training

The Fire Truck Training on the 14th has been cancelled.

I will post when a new date is set.

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Gate Locks 7/3/2018

All gates require the new key.

You can call the caretaker at 435-642-6263 to make an appointment.

Hour are 9 to 11 AM or 3 to 5 PM

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Bear sighting this morning on Uinta Circle.

Be carefull with your garbage and any thing else that might attract a Bear.


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Mon Viso Fire Update

Updated 6/23/2018–From Summit County

Updated Alert From Summit County


Link to news story re Mon Viso Fire

UPDATED: 6/22/18, 11:00 a.m. — The Monviso Fire in Summit County has burned 65 acres and forced the evacuations of 6 homes and 3 to 4 campsites, according to Jason Curry of Utah Division Of Forestry Fire and State Lands.

There is no updated as far as the containment of the fire.

(KUTV) — Homes and campgrounds have been evacuated after a fire broke out in Summit County on Thursday.

The fire had burned nearly 50 acres and was zero percent contained as of 8 p.m. on Thursday, according to a tweet from Utah wildfire officials. Officials are calling it the Monviso Fire, after a nearby evacuated subdivision.

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