It’s that time again, if everyone could please have their trailers moved out of the snowmobile parking lots by the end of this weekend that would be great. If you are unable to, please call or email me to make arrangements.





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Manor Lands Spring Reminders

As we approach Memorial weekend, I would like to remind everyone to have a safe and fun filled summer in our mountain getaway.

With that being said we are already starting to see some things that need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Safety is always front and center.

I would like to ask all members to inform their guests and family to adhere to the 15 MPH speed limit that we have inside our MLPOA gated area. We need everyone to do their part in keeping our roads safe for everyone. The speed limit is 15 MPH for a good reason, there are a lot of blind corners where pedestrians, pets and wildlife that can be injured by your vehicle.

Excessive speed damages the roads by stripping the dirt via road dust, leaving only rocks for a roadbed. We try hard to keep our roads in good shape, please do your part by obeying the speed limit.

All RVs (ATV – OHV -Motorcycles and snowmobiles) are required to have Manor lands lot tags with your lot Number on them.  Failure to have lot tags is a Level 1 Penalty Assessments:

DUMPSTERS: The dumpsters are for household kitchen type garbage only!
ABSOLUTELY NO couches, chairs, metal tables or hazardous materials.
If the dumpsters are full, please take your garbage home.
If you have other large trash materials that needs to go, take it to the Evanston Dump.
When you do use the dumpsters, please break-down your boxes and larger household items and close the lid.

Thank you and have great summer

Mike Stimpson

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Manor Lands Updated Fire Pit Inspections

The list of fire pits to be inspected this summer has been updated.   Bryce Jones will be inspecting those that are highlighted in yellow on the attached document.  Click on this link to see the document MLPOA Fire Pit Review Updated May 2020    .  Contact Bryce if you have any questions.

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Road Update

The board of directors would like to acknowledge Darin for the extraordinary efforts he took over the past 2 weeks to ensure every MLPOA member had access to their property. On May 1st, not only was every property owner who wanted to able to access their lots, a number of trailers were placed on properties as well.

There were large amounts of snow, slush and ice when the roads were plowed, resulting in some piles of debris.   In the next few weeks, Darin will be working to clean up and begin summer road work. We look forward to another beautiful summer in the mountains.

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FIRE SAFETY – Grab and Go Trailers

Message from Bryce Jones – Manorlands Board Member – Fire Safety

This a reminder to put together your Grab and Go Trailer or come together in your designated area and have someone volunteer to buy the parts (water tank is free).  We have 3 of 16 trailers ready for use.  You can click on this link to find the Approved TOTES.  Names in green have trailers that are working.  We need 13 more.  Once trailers are assembled, everyone in your designated area needs to understand how to pull the trailer, run the pump, and squirt water.  Please take this serious and make it happen.

By the way, insurance agents love this idea.  I have spoken to three to help them understand what we are doing to further mitigate a fire risk.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 801 513 6540 or


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All roads are now open except Alpine Cir and Skyview. I will be opening them tomorrow.


Darin Elliott

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Road Conditions!

It’s tough plowing (very slushy). Wilderness is open and drying; Yellow Pine is open and drying; Evergreen is open until the hill; Aspen Dr is open 1lane and needs days of drying; Foothill is open and dried/drying. Forest is open to the top of the hill. I am working is fast as I can and will get faster if the sun stays out. This weekend will be a mudhole and temps look good to get most opened next week.



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MLPOA Annual Meeting is postponed

Because of Coronavirus statewide restrictions and our concern for the health and well being of the members of MLPOA, the annual meeting, including voting for directors and rules and regulations changes, is postponed. We will send the newsletter in the next few days and will send notifications when a new date is established for the meeting.

Stay healthy !!!

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phone found

We found a phone yesterday by the green gate. Call me at the caretaker cabin 435-642-6263 to claim and it’s at the caretaker cabin.

Thanks Darin



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Attention Please – MLPOA needs Board candidates

Have you ever thought of serving on the board for Manor Lands Property Owners Association?  If so, now is the time to put your interest forward.  Nominations are being accepted for positions on the Board.  Elections will be at the April 20th Annual Meeting.  If you haven’t thought about it, take a moment to consider it now !!
We currently have four (4) positions open for election.  Three (3) of them are the regular rotating positions and would serve for a term of 3 years.  One (1) of the vacancies is to fill the position left vacant with the loss of Judy Pearce, which will be a two year term.
Please consider running for one of these positions on the Board.  It is important to the success of Manor Lands that we have elected Board members.  Your interest should be sent to by March 7, 2020.
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