Update on Gate Key Switchover

As everyone knows, we are changing our keys and locks this year.

Our plan, as briefed at the last annual meeting, has been overcome by events beyond our control. There is now an issue with the security of our keys and cylinders.

First the protected patent has run out on the key design meaning, eventually, if not already, there will be key blanks available online that people can have made into MLPOA duplicate keys.

Second, according to the locksmith, the cylinders that we are using are getting worn out and will need replacement for all but five new spares that we purchased last year. This is why the locks are so fickle and cause us such a headache. We will be changing the locks to be only one type which may take some time as it involves a modification to six of the gates including the three snowmobile gates and the yellow, brown and red gates. The aforementioned change of locks is a result of those locks having become obsolete because there are no repair parts or replacement locks of the same type. The Locksmith is willing to replace the locks, cylinders and sidebars at his cost to move us to a new protected system that will have a patent on it. The Locksmith says the replacement cost on cylinders and sidebars for our system is the same cost as moving to the more secure system. Keys are the same cost as he has quoted at $6.50 each which is what will be charged for the first 6 keys.
There will be no need to turn in old keys as they won’t be compatible with the new system. The savings that we had hoped to make happen in the future has been overcome because of the patent expiration as explained above. 

We, the Board of Directors believe we really need to go to the new system thereby replacing our worn out cylinders and eliminating the risk of a compromised patent. The only problem is that the gates won’t be compatible with both keys so we will need to have “Old” key and new key access only through the Green gate by daisy chaining the locks on a chain. We want to set up the Green gate this way so if you don’t have your new keys, you’ll be able to get access to the Caretaker cabin to buy your new keys and/or you can go to your property from there. This will only be temporary, about 90 days, and then only the new key will work in all gates.

The other gates will have to be one key or the other to be decided at the annual meeting on April 30th.
A briefing will be provided at the annual meeting to further explain the problem. This is information will be posted on the Facebook page and the Manorlands.org blog, homepage and it will also be in the newsletter.

We are just overcome by events beyond our control but we will take this best approach to protect our properties and secure our access points


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