***Reported Poaching Incidents on Manor Lands Property***

The Board of Directors has received information on two separate incidents of poaching within Manor Lands Property.  One was a deer and the other an elk.  Discharging firearms and shooting wildlife are not permitted in Manor Lands.  There are fines associated with both of these activities.  The information we have is that the elk was gutted near a road within Manor Lands, however we’re not sure which one.  We may have further information on this action that we can turn over to the authorities.  The deer was shot in Manor Lands and it left our property, however the owner of the property it crossed into spoke with the hunters in question.  He stated they informed him they had received permission to hunt in Manor Lands.  They also stated they were staying in Manor Lands and we are trying to track this down further.  Again, no hunting or discharging firearms is allowed within Manor Lands.  We are asking anyone who has additional information on either of these two events to please contact a Board of Directors Member.

Thank you,

Manor Lands Board of Directors

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