Manor Lands Trespass Issues


We have had numerous cases reported of individuals trespassing within Manor Lands.  Although we understand the fun of snowmobiles, sledding and Winter activities, doing these activities off the roads is considered trespassing and is not acceptable.  There are numerous trails outside Manor Lands for individuals to enjoy these activities.  In addition, you don’t always know what is concealed under the snow.  There are wells, electrical outlets and equipment.  Currently, property is being torn up and damaged because of thoughtless actions of owners and their guests.  Would you drive across your neighbor’s yard within the cities?  Why is it acceptable to do so within Manor Lands?  Please help us stop this abuse.  You are responsible for the actions of your guests.  Anyone caught will be fined.
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Board Meeting Minutes and Request for Board Members

The minutes for the January 2019 Board of Directors Meeting have been published on the website:

Also, anyone interested in running for the board please contact Shar Code, Shayne Purser or Judy Pearce.

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Good weekend!

It was a busy weekend with a couple of new inches of snow. A key chain was found in the Wilderness parking lot. I have them at the Caretaker cabin and can be claimed by describing them.

There are also cases of sleds off the trails. Just a reminder, it is private property off the roads and please inform guests to not to leave the roads while enjoying the snow inside Manor Lands.



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Snow Totals

After some melting last week, we currently have 25 – 30″ base. We got about 10″ out of the last storm. I take the measurement outside of the Caretakers cabin so your base may be higher.

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New Snow!!!

Had a 17 -20″ base, 12 ” of new and still snowing. I’ll post final numbers tomorrow.



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2019 Association Dues Notices Sent

Please be aware that the 2019 Association Dues Notices are in the process of being generated. Those individuals that have signed up to receive them via email need to look in their email for them. Those individuals without an email address will receive their Association Dues Notice through the US Postal Service. You have 3 payment options listed below. If you choose to go with options 2 or 3 below, DO NOT mail the check to our previous CPA. We have a new CPA with a different address.

Your 3 payment options are:

  1. If you wish to pay via the email; click on the review and pay link. Fill out the information requested and submit. It will ask for the routing number of your financial institution and your account number. You will receive an email confirmation/receipt.
  2. Set up a bill pay through your personal bank or credit union. The mailing address of our CPA can be found below and on the Manor Lands Website under contact information. Some bill pay systems request a phone number associated with the account. The phone number is: 801 554 1517. Be sure to include your lot number with the payment.
  3. Mail a check to the CPA at the address listed below. Be sure to include your lot number on your check.
    Manor Lands Property Owners Association
    C/O Mason CPA
    3672 W South Jordan Pkwy Suite 101
    South Jordan, UT 84009

If you are unable to locate your Association Dues Notice email after checking your in box, spam and junk folders, please email and and we will assist you.

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I would like to follow up on Darin’s post about the trespassing that was recently reported.
Please make sure you your family and guests are aware that when you are driving anywhere but on the roads in Manor Lands you are trespassing on someones private property.
For what ever reason, the snow makes people forget property lines and boundaries. We have right outside our gates a whole national forest to play in, if you chose to go off roads, do it there.
While in Manor Lands, Please be courteous and respectful and stay on the roads .

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New Years Eve burn pit fire!

Merry Christmas to all! I am planning on starting to burn the pit around 2pm on New Years Eve. It’s sounds like a good many people are planning on coming so I will bring a couple of tables for snacks and other things. We currently have 12 to 18″ of snow on the ground with more on the way.

Also a reminder that everyone needs to respect others private property. There have been several instances of people leaving the roads in snowmobiles and tracked vehicles. Remember, if your not on the road, you are on property owned by someone who may not appreciate it.

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2019 Invoicing for MLPOA Association Dues

Please be aware that we intend to send association dues notices out via email this year from our NEW CPA.  DO NOT SEND PAYMENTS TO THE PREVIOUS CPA.

An email has been sent to the email address we have on record for everyone asking you to validate your email.  It was sent on Saturday, 15 December.  The sender is shown as Manor Lands <> with a subject of Manor Lands Billing Changes — Please Respond.  If you have not done so already, please locate this email and respond so we may know if we have the correct email for you.  If you can’t locate it, be sure to check your spam as some Internet Service Providers (ISP) will mark this as such and not deliver it to your inbox.  If that is the case, you will need to identify this as valid email  with your ISP so future emails from us will not be marked as spam.

If your email address has changed, please contact our webmaster at to have our records updated.

We will post a blog notifying everyone invoices have been generated and sent once that has occurred.

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Backup WebMaster Sought

You may have noticed that we are doing more functions via internet, social media and our website. As Manor Lands continues to  use these tools, the job of our Web Master has increased substantially.  It has been decided that we will seek a backup Web Master to assist Mary Ann Wilson with the various duties associated with this role. That way she can take leave or go on a vacation without us continually trying to hunt her down to perform some function for us.  We are looking for a MLPOA owner or family member volunteer to assist her.  This person should have some computer and/or internet skills.  Please inquire if you are interested at

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