Message From Bryce Jones–Manor Lands Fire Safety

My name is Bryce Jones. I am the new fire safety board member for Manor Lands.

Thank you for being careful with your fires over Memorial Day weekend. There were no incidents. Just a reminder that with a mild winter, these next four months will be fire hazardous. EVERYONE has to be vigilant about fire control. No stove coals dumped outside until they have cooled at least 72 hours. Put all cigarette butts in approved firepits. When you leave, ensure your fire is completely out.

During work day, we will sound the fire alarm so that everyone knows what it sounds like. Please report back to me if you cannot hear the alarm from your lot.

We have 4 fire trucks that are all prepped to use. We need to train volunteers to use them. This training will probably occur on 14 July. More to follow.

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