Manor Lands – Summit County Regulation Update

Private Campgrounds and Trailer Restrictions 

Most of you are aware of the regulations the Summit County Council proposed in the public hearing held on May 26, 2021 regarding private campgrounds and trailer restrictions. 

This communication is to inform you of the actions the board of directors have, and will take on your behalf. It is our responsibility to represent all community members and not take sides on an issue. Our primary concern at this time is that we want our association to govern ourselves rather than the county imposing regulations. 

When we first became aware of the public hearing, we learned that there was very little being done to advertise the hearing to all property owners. We granted permission to put signs on the gates giving specifics on the public hearing regarding date, time, and how to access the hearing. 

We then requested a telephonic meeting with Ray Milliner, county planner, and the officers of the board of directors to determine what information the county had and why they were pursuing regulations. This meeting took place on Friday, May, 21,2021. 

Several board members and property owners attended the public hearing on May 26th, and it was determined misinformation was being shared with the Summit County Council. As a result, the board sent a letter to the council and the county planner to request a meeting prior to the August 4th public hearing to clarify the misinformation. In addition, we attached a draft proposal that was put together by the co-chairs of the Multiple Trailers on a Single Lot committee and the officers of the board. The purpose of attaching the draft proposal is to demonstrate to the council that we are working on regulations within our association. 

Since it is our responsibility to represent all property owners in our association, we have not and do not plan to retain an attorney in this matter. 

Shar Code, President

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