Manor Lands Spring Reminders

As we approach Memorial weekend, I would like to remind everyone to have a safe and fun filled summer in our mountain getaway.

With that being said we are already starting to see some things that need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Safety is always front and center.

I would like to ask all members to inform their guests and family to adhere to the 15 MPH speed limit that we have inside our MLPOA gated area. We need everyone to do their part in keeping our roads safe for everyone. The speed limit is 15 MPH for a good reason, there are a lot of blind corners where pedestrians, pets and wildlife that can be injured by your vehicle.

Excessive speed damages the roads by stripping the dirt via road dust, leaving only rocks for a roadbed. We try hard to keep our roads in good shape, please do your part by obeying the speed limit.

All RVs (ATV – OHV -Motorcycles and snowmobiles) are required to have Manor lands lot tags with your lot Number on them.  Failure to have lot tags is a Level 1 Penalty Assessments:

DUMPSTERS: The dumpsters are for household kitchen type garbage only!
ABSOLUTELY NO couches, chairs, metal tables or hazardous materials.
If the dumpsters are full, please take your garbage home.
If you have other large trash materials that needs to go, take it to the Evanston Dump.
When you do use the dumpsters, please break-down your boxes and larger household items and close the lid.

Thank you and have great summer

Mike Stimpson

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