Dues and CPA Contact Information

Dues notices are mailed out in January of each year.  It is very important that you keep your contact information updated so the notifications are sent to the correct address.

Make the checks out to MLPOA and put the lot number(s) on the check.

Send Payments to:

Manor Lands Property Owner’s Association
C/O Mason CPA
3672 W South Jordan Pkwy Suite 101
South Jordan, UT 84009

phone: 801 554 1517

email:  steve@masoncpa.com

Website: www.masoncpa.com

Dues are currently $230.00 per year plus a $5 mailing fee if a hard copy of the invoice is required to be sent to the member.

The due date is March 15th of each year!!

A $50.00 late fee per lot will apply (NO EXCEPTIONS) and interest will accumulate on any unpaid balance.

As per the Manor Lands By-Laws–members refusing to pay dues will be turned over to the attorney so action can be taken to collect which may include a lien on the property and/or foreclosure.


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