K. Road Regulation

RULE 1 – GENERAL: The managed roads within Manor Lands belong to the paid members of Manor Lands and do not belong to any individual or group. All roads, except Wilderness Road, have a platted right-of-way of at least 30 feet and are maintained, where possible, to a width of 20 feet with a five foot utility easement on each side of the road. Wilderness Road has a right-of-way of at least 50 feet and shall be maintained, where possible, to a width of 30 feet with a ten foot utility easement on each side of the road.

RULE 2: EMERGENCY VEHICLE ACCESS: For access by emergency vehicles all dead-ends require either a sixty foot (60’) diameter turnaround or a fifteen foot (15’) x sixty foot (60’) hammerhead.

RULE 3: PRIVATE WATER LINES ON MANOR LANDS ROADS. A written proposal for the installation of underground waterlines that will disrupt the integrity of MLPOA maintained roads must be presented to the MLPOA Board of Directors prior to installation. A written request will be presented to the Board of Directors and shall contain three sets of detailed drawings and plan specifications of the proposed installation. Also, the proposer shall provide electronic copies of the plans and drawings, and a geographic information system (GIS) compatible shape-file of the proposed installation. This information shall be presented to Board of Directors prior to beginning of any work.

RULE 3a. MATERIAL DISPOSAL: Any brush, trees, debris, material etc., that are cut will be disposed of and not left in the road or its right-of-way. Rocks that may be dug up by a plow, trencher, tractor, backhoe or any other equipment must be disposed of properly and the hole filled with gravel or roadbase. All services to be performed shall not interfere nor hinder the normal flow of traffic.

RULE 3b. DAMAGES: Prior to any digging on MLPOA maintained roads the proponent shall contact Blue Stakes and all underground utilities within the road right-of-way must be identified. Any damages to the roads or its right-of-way shall be repaired by the individual, or their contractor, to the original condition and to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors. The cost of repair to buried utility lines, i.e. telecommunication lines, shall be born by the proponent.

RULE 3c. DEPTH OF UNDERGROUND WATERLINES: The depth of underground waterlines shall be no less than forty-eight inches (48”) deep and shall be encased in impact resistant material. Water lines that run parallel to the road may be placed within the right-of-way; or where considered necessary but no more than two feet (2’) from the edged of the graded road into the road.

RULE 3d. LIABILITY: Neither the MLPOA nor its Board of Directors shall be held liable for any damage to any underground waterline if the above conditions are not met.

RULE 4. The Speed limit on all Manor Lands’ Roads shall be a maximum of 15 miles per hour. During inclement weather or when road conditions dictate the maximum speed limit shall be what common sense dictates.

RULE 5. Maintenance, snow plowing, and grooming for snowmobile activities of MLPOA maintained roads shall only be authorized by the Board of Directors. If an individual damages a road as a result of unauthorized maintenance, snow plowing or grooming of snowmobile trails, then that individual shall be held accountable for the damages and fined $50.00 plus costs of repairs. If money is available and authorization obtained by the Board of Directors an individual may be paid at a rate not to exceed $80 per-hour to perform maintenance, plowing or grooming of MLPOA maintained roads. If an individual uses MLPOA equipment to perform maintenance, plowing or grooming of MLPOA roads the rate shall be $50 per-hour.

RULE 6. Any person who parks on Manor Lands maintained roads at any time, causing obstructive passage or potentially unsafe conditions may be fined $50.00 and held liable and responsible for any accidents or damage to other personal property they may cause.

RULE 7. Manor Lands leases portions of various lots from members for the purpose of providing parking to MLPOA members during winter conditions; i.e. snow closes roads. MLPOA members may utilize these areas to park ATVs, snowmobiles, and associated trailers for hauling said vehicles, and POV’s for a maximum of 10 days. Beyond 10 days the member must complete a written “Parking Agreement” with the Security Guard and the property owner of the parking area. Neither the property owner of the parking area, the Caretaker/Security Guard, nor MLPOA shall be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage to the personal property of those persons using the parking area. These parking areas must be kept free of trash and debris. The owners of these lots have the right to close them at any time.

RULE 8. MLPOA members shall be held liable for any damage they or their guests, contractors, builders, etc cause to any Manor Lands maintained road.

RULE 9. The MLPOA Board of Directors does not authorize the Caretaker/Security Guard to tow inoperative or pull out stuck vehicles at any time of the year. If assistance is requested of the Caretaker/Security Guard to help remove or tow inoperative vehicles utilizing MLPOA equipment then the owner of the vehicle must reimburse MLPOA for the Caretaker/Security Guard’s time and use of MLPOA equipment.

RULE 10. During winter any driver who travels past the barricades in a POV (other than an ATV, snowmobile, or snowcat) on unplowed roads may be fined $50.00. The individual will also be held liable for any damage to Manor Lands maintained roads.



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