I. Key Regulation


 Updated as a result of the 2017 annual meeting.  Changes are in bold and strikethrough.

Definitions: Actively Utilized: Lots are considered actively utilized when they have a livable, dwelling/cabin, leveled trailer or tent spot and MLPOA compliant campfire pit. Garages or storage sheds are not considered utilized livable dwellings when requesting additional keys.


Rule 1. Gate keys may only be purchased by members in good standing.  Members owing outstanding debts for, but not limited to, dues, penalties, fines, interest fees, filing fees, or other monies are limited to the purchase of one gate key until such time as the outstanding debt is paid and the member becomes in good standing.  Actively utilized lots of members in good standing  are entitled to two gate keys at the actual cost charged by the key maker. Four additional gate keys can be purchased (see rule 2) for a total of 6 gate keys per actively utilized lot. Inactive/not utilized and/or multiple lots are not automatic consideration for additional gate keys.

Rule 2.  Gate keys beyond the initial two may be purchased only by members in good standing in accordance with the MLPOA bylaws. The additional gate keys are to be sold at actual cost plus $5.00 per gate key.

Ownership of a MLPOA gate key is considered a verbal agreement that the individual will:

  1. Lock all gates upon entering and/or exiting.
  2. Obey road speed limit of 15 miles per hour.
  3. Respect Association and private property.
  4. Accept responsibility and liability for guests using their MLPOA key.
  5. The MLPOA member is responsible for any damage or breaking of a gate and can be fined up to $500.00 for destroying a MLPOA gate.
  6. If a member sells their property/lot all keys issued must be turned over to the new owner and the new owner is responsible for obtaining the keys from the previous owner.

Rule 3  Additional gate keys in excess of six, require Board of Directors’ approval. The request must be submitted either in writing with date, owner, lot number, number of keys, and justification, or a personal appearance by the owner of record at any Manor Lands monthly Board of Director’s meeting. A schedule of meetings can be obtained from any Board member or the Manor Lands Website. After board approval, additional keys will be issued at actual cost plus $25.00 per key.

Rule 4.  All impounded keys will be returned to owner upon payment of a fifteen dollar ($15.00) fine.

Rule 5.  A member may have no more than two lost and replaced keys at actual cost plus $25.00 per key.

Rule 6.  Lock boxes on or near a Manor Lands fences or gates are not permitted. Lock boxes found on or near the gates will be removed and the keys will be impounded.  A $50.00 fee will be paid by the owner of the key(s) before being returned.

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