E. Fire Regulation–Update coming

The Fire Regulation will be updated with changes made at the 2018 Annual Meeting.  


Rule 1. The Manor Lands Board of Directors has adopted & support the State of Utah Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands & the US Forest Service “Living With Fire Guide for the Homeowner” as minimum compliance for fire protection. More stringent regulations may be imposed regarding the use of fires within Manor Lands as determined by the board of directors & posted on the gates when required to ensure the safety of the members. MLPOA members should establish fuel reduction by creating a defensible space around their cabin or campsite. Members should comply with the “Living With Fire Guide for the Homeowner” This pamphlet recommends removing dead & diseased trees & slash to provide improved forest resistance to fire danger. Trees should be trimmed of low limbs 15 feet above the ground when trees are 35 feet or higher. Lower trees should be trimmed 1/3 height, a minimum 6 feet. Trees close to cabins should have branches trimmed 30 feet above the ground. Spacing of trees should follow the D+4 formula. Diameter (D) at chest height is measured in inches and 4 is added, resulting in the total number of feet to the next tree. A 10-inch tree should be 14 feet from its neighbor.

Rule 2. There are NO OPEN FIRES allowed in Manor Lands. An Open fire can cause vegetation, tree roots & hanging trees to catch fire & burn. This includes the burning of slash in a non designated area, unless controlled by the Summit County and/or State.

Rule 3. Outdoor fires are only authorized in a safe fire pit that meets MLPOA, Summit County & State suggested & preventive guidelines. Use of propane stoves are approved uses. Fire pit guidelines at “permanently improved places of habitation” Utah Wildland-Urban Interface Code A104.7.1 Definition: permanently improved places of habitation are homes or cabins that are fixed in place & the area surrounding the structure is improved & the vegetation modified to mitigate fire danger.


a) Fire pits must have a concrete, or metal side that measures at least 18 inches from the bottom of the pit to the top.

b) Fire pits must be 18 inches deep into mineral soil absent of roots or any other organic materials with a solid ring made of non combustible material that is at least 18 inches in height that will contain the fuel wood & coals while shielding the ashes from being blown by the wind.

c) Fire pits must have a concrete, sand, or mineral bottom. The campfire or fire pit must be at least 15 feet away from any combustible vegetation or structures, vertically & horizontally. Fire resistant vegetation as part of the landscaping is excluded.

d) One person 18 years of age or older must attend the fire at all times.

e) Ten gallons of water or more must be dedicated & immediately available on-site for fire suppression.

f) At least one standard sized shovel must be dedicated & immediately available on-site for fire suppression.

g) The campfire or fire pit must be completely extinguished, cold to touch, when not attended.

h) Persons responsible for escaped or unattended campfires or fire pits are subject to prosecution & suppression cost from County, State & MLPOA fines & penalty assessments.

i) There should be at least a six-foot clearance around the fire pit consisting of a layer of mineral soil, sand pea gravel, or concrete (no vegetation, or overhanging branches, or any other flammable material).

j) A screen with openings no greater than 1 inch that can be placed over the fire pit is recommended.

k) All MLPOA Members must meet these requirements & can have their fire pits checked by a MLPOA Board of Directors to help validate that it meets guidelines & recommendation of a safe fire pit as defined by MLPOA Rules & Regulations, Summit County& Utah State ordinances, codes & statues. The Board of Directors can temporarily revoke use of a fire pit at anytime if a higher than normal fire hazard exists or occurs around a fire pit until fire danger is reduced.

Rule 4. All Fireworks, including sparklers & caps are illegal within the boundaries of Manor Lands.

Rule 5. Trees & vegetation in close proximity with buildings should be removed as per Rule 1, to reduce danger of fire.
(The Board of Directors suggests inviting Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands Fire Warden to inspect owner’s lots & buildings to help determine what vegetation is dangerous).  Not all vegetation needs to be removed.

Rule 6. Any burning of dead trees, slash and/or waste vegetation is prohibited, except in the burn area designated by the Board of Directors or in a MLPOA recommended fire pit.

Rule 7. Whenever the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands, or Summit County declares a moratorium on outdoor fires in an area that includes the National Forest Lands in Summit County, that moratorium shall also be in force in Manor Lands.

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