B. Dues Regulation

Rule 1. Dues will be due and payable on March 15 of each year and will be considered delinquent March 16.

Rule 2. Dues not received on or before March 15 will be considered delinquent and a $50.00 delinquency fee will be assessed to each delinquent member’s account.

Rule 3. Thirty (30) days after the member’s account becomes delinquent, a fee of 18% annual interest will be charged to all outstanding balances. The delinquent member shall be responsible for all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees.

Rule 4. If dues are not paid by March 15, the delinquent member will be ineligible to vote at the annual meeting. Only members in good standing, per the MLPOA bylaws, are eligible to vote on any issues or at MLPOA special meetings.

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