A. Architectural Regulation

Rule 1. All plans and specifications for improvements upon the property shall be submitted to the Manor Lands Property Owners Association Architectural Committee for approval prior to submission to Summit County for a building permit.

Rule 2. Building permits are required for all structures exceeding 200 square feet.

Rule 3. Fence building material and the placement shall be submitted to the Architectural Committee for approval before construction.

Rule 4. Prior to any construction or excavation on a property, the property owner shall contact Architectural Committee for approval and shall contact public utilities identified and marked on the property and in the immediate area by Blue Stake in accordance with Utah State law. Also, the property owner shall contact the Architectural Committee who shall advise the property owner of any other items of concern in the area such as private utilities and right-of-ways, and shall provide the property owner with any pertinent or useful information and/or direction.

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