Wilderness Acres Plat Maps

Link to Plat Maps (These are PDF documents)

Summit County (external link)

By clicking on the link below you can search the Summit County web page for a Manor Lands lot using the parcel number (Parcel numbers are assigned to Wilderness Acres properties by Summit County for purposes of identification and record-keeping. For example, Manor Lands Lot 1101 is listed as WA-11-1 with Summit county ) then using the identify tool in the upper right side of the screen you can click on a parcel to find the property information including the situs address assigned by Summit County.

Below is a link to a PDF file with a map of Manor Lands and surrounding communities showing lot numbers and emergency addresses.  Since it is such a large map you have to zoom in quite far to see the house numbers outlined in green.

Manor Lands Map with Physical Addresses

Uintalands has done a good job on their webpage of making this map more readable. Rather than duplicate their efforts I’ve provided a link below.  Even though it specifies Uintalands, this map also includes Manor Lands, Pine Plateau, etc.

Below is a link to another PDF file with a map of Manor Lands and surrounding communities.

Manor Lands Area Map