Gate Key Distribution Procedure

Contact the board member for Security or the Manor Lands Caretaker to request gate keys.

  1. Verification of Property Owner or Owners of Record. We will verify that the person making the request for new keys is the Property Owner of Record with Summit County and MLPOA records.
  2. Manor Lands board members will not provide keys to anyone other than the Owner of Record unless the Owner of Record provides  a written letter specifying the keys may be given to another individual. This letter must be signed by the Owner of Record and notarized.
  3.  A photo copy of the owner’s driver’s license or other government identification must also be provided. The individual picking up the keys must provide identification to validate they are the person sited in the letter that is authorized to receive the keys.
  4. If keys are to be mailed, a $5.00 fee will be charged to cover the cost of certified postage.



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