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Manor Lands Needs Owners to complete In-Kind forms in order for the DNR to receive Grant monies that they can use to hire staff to cut trees and chip branches on our properties.

Items that can be included in your in-kind match:

Almost any expenses incurred in reducing “fuel” (dead trees, brush, long dry grass or thinning out trees (so they will not have to compete for water, light, and nutrients)  or chipping on your property or in your community.  If you help a neighbor with fuel reduction on his/her property, be sure and count those hours as in-kind.

You can claim rates for equipment used, except hand tools such as shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, pruner, etc.  DNR cannot give credit for use of a log splitter or lawn mower.

Fuel reduction labor and materials, both contracted and personal can be included in the in-kind match.  If you have paid a contractor to remove “hazard” or dead trees around your house or cabin, please make a clear copy of the receipt and send it to Connie Shipman (contact information below)–She can give you credit for the amount paid to the contractor.  Also retain your original receipt for your records.

Road maintenance or road building is no longer considered as fuel reduction or firebreaks. DNR also can no longer accept re-roofing or siding a home or cabin with fire resistant materials, as In-kind hours or sweat equity.  (Although it is a good idea, nevertheless.)

If you do not have time to record the work as you are doing it, jot it down on a calendar and record it later on the in-kind sheet (link below).   If you have a question about a cost being eligible for your in-kind match, please call and ask.

DNR is not reimbursing people for the work done on their properties or in the community–we are using those hours as a match for the federal grant moneys

Connie Shipman–This is new
Northeast Area Secretary Forestry, Fire and State Lands


2210 S. Highway 40, Suite B Heber City, UT 84032

435-671-9088 (office cell)

Ken Ludwig, NFP Coordinator,



To download the In-Kind form word document click the following link:

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