Manor Lands – How to Communicate with Board

As your Manor Lands Board of Directors, we want to express how deeply dedicated we are to addressing all your questions and concerns regarding our shared community. We aim to address everything that is officially brought to our attention and want to make the communication path easy and clear.  Many are unaware of the different channels you can use to voice questions and concerns and the timeframe for the board to review them.

It is important, especially during these times, that communication avenues between the members and The Board be easy, varied, and trackable. In order to ensure your comments, concerns, and/or complaints get addressed, please submit them using one of the following methods:

  • Email-
  • Voicemail- You may leave a voice message on the Manor Lands voicemail (435) 642-6263
  • Comment Box- We will be installing a comment box at the bulletin board in front of the care-      takers cabin.

The Board of Directors meets the third Tuesday of each month.  We will review all comments, questions and concerns received during our meeting.  Of course, you are still welcome to contact a board member directly, but please understand the only way to guarantee your concerns will be addressed by the entire board is by submitting them via the above stated channels.  The outcome of the discussion will be recorded in the meeting minutes and posted on the Manor Lands website.

Thank you all in advance for helping us to keep our communications clear and efficient so we can continue to better serve and support the Manor Land Community.


Manor Lands Board of Directors

How to Communicate with Board

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